Spend a day out of time, dedicated to awakening the senses, in the company of Captain Pol, on his trimaran Fildou. An eco-responsible trip, all under sail, to discover the wonders of the Caribbean coast of Martinique.

The reception

You will be welcomed at 8.45am in our little seaside hut in Case Pilote. After having settled the administrative formalities, we will lend you a coconut hat and a raincoat. Then Pol will join you for the briefing to prepare the day.
The time has come to embark on Fildou with the help of our little dinghy propelled by the oar (thanks to the captain's muscles).

Morning sailing

Once on Fildou, Pol will explain how the boat works and show you the areas where you can relax or participate in the manoeuvres. All you have to do now is enjoy the ride with the elements. Pol will accompany you throughout the trip with explanations on the flora and fauna as well as on the history of Martinique.

The guided water walk

Once you have chosen the spot of the day (it depends on the wind and swell direction, but also on how busy it is), you will be equipped for your guided aquatic walk. Pol will be able to give you advice on how to observe the wonders of the sea in complete safety, whatever your relationship with the aquatic element. We have both aquaphobes and freedivers on board and our trip is a pleasure for all. You will be told the juicy details of the private life of marine animals. The use of the equipment will be explained. The use of floating chips is compulsory to signal you to other sea users and to avoid snagging on attached wildlife. This will also allow you to remain stable in very shallow waters, and thus observe aquatic life in areas that would not normally be accessible.


It's time to delight your taste buds. An aperitif, with or without alcohol to start: homemade planter, organic guava juice, or local infusion/juice prepared by Gaelle our super Cook. A mix of nuts, seeds and dried fruits will give you energy to talk about the wonders you have just seen underwater, but also to spend a convivial moment all together.
Then you will be served your Madibox: in the form of a mixed salad you will discover a variety of flavours, with healthy elements from local permaculture or organic products. You will also have a coffee (organic from Ti-Kafé) or a Roiboos infusion to accompany the sweetness at the end of the meal.

Lazing around

You will then have some time to relax on the wings or trampolines of Fildou. You can also choose to go back to talking to the fish, with the equipment still available. When you see Pol starting to take down the tents on the boat, it's time to get ready to go back on board for the afternoon sail.

Afternoon sailing

Those who did not have the opportunity to steer in the morning will be invited to do so if they wish. If you have sailed south, it is often an opportunity for even calmer sailing with the wind and sea at your back. Those who did not have a nap after the meal, often do so at this time, especially the little ones.

The sunset at Case Pilote

You will be back in Case-Pilote by 4.30pm. Pol will accompany you to the Case Madisail to pick up the stuff left in the morning and say goodbye. Don't hesitate to get flyers or business cards if you want to talk about us!

We recommend a drink in one of the many restaurants on the seafront of Case-Pilote to enjoy our beautiful sunsets.



from 12 years old

110 €

from 2 to 12 years

80 €

Under 2 years old, without meals.

20 €


  • Meals
  • Guided water walk

Booking conditions

To make a reservation, click on the "reserve" button and you will be directed to the Madisail website.
The booking can be done directly online. The team will contact you to send you the practical information for the day.

We need a minimum number of people to validate an outing, so it is possible that exceptionally, we contact you to ask you to move the date of your outing. Please remember to enter your contact details when booking.

If you have any doubts or questions, you can send an email to reservation@madisail.com, or send a text or WhatsApp message to +596 696 01 00 63.


On our side, we have no age limit. We sometimes have 6-month-old babies, but also 90-year-old grandparents. What counts is the desire. On our side, we adapt to each person, to their abilities and needs. Children are all welcome. For young babies, a baby carrier is a good option. We have suitable life jackets at the Case.

We don't know this in advance. Indeed, we assure you that you will sail as much as possible, and that we will try to avoid the crowded areas. Also, depending on the weather of the day, Pol may decide to sail north or south. What we promise you is that all our spots are breathtaking and wild.

Yes, our Discovery Day is open to everyone! We try to make sure that everyone has a good day. The more experienced ones will appreciate the finesse of the boat, but the more novice ones can also participate in the manoeuvres if they wish. You don't need to be a sailor to enjoy a day on Fildou. The only thing that is not invited on board is seasickness. With the stability of the boat during navigation, we are almost 100% seasick. Even for the most sensitive.

No! Martinique has a tropical climate, rain is one of the components of this climate and allows us to have drinking water all year round and this green nature, so we are not going to complain about it. To anticipate possible squalls, we lend you a raincoat, and during the lunch break, large tents deployed on the wings of Fildou, shelter you from the rain and the sun.

Of course, we try to be as inclusive as possible, and we adapt to all our passengers.
The only constraint is that if you usually use a wheelchair, you will have to leave it at the dock.