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Our financial partners

Our two main partners have complementary missions, which link the two fields of action of Voile Nature, the preservation and enhancement of biodiversity and the development of sustainable tourism. These two public structures accompany us, support us and contribute to the financial effort necessary for the birth of Voile Nature. And for all this, we thank them. 

The French Office for Biodiversity

This public institution is central to the preservation of biodiversity in France, with various actions ranging from environmental policing (1700 inspectors act both on the repression of offences and on raising awareness of them), support for public policies, research and development, management and restoration of protected areas, but also support for actions carried out by civil society. 

It operates on land as well as at sea. 

Although the OFB acronym is little known to the general public, its involvement in the creation and management of protected areas makes it a must for your nature holidays in France. Whether it's a walk in the Mercantour Park in the hinterland of Nice, whale watching in the Cap Corse Natural Marine Park or a hike in the steep slopes of the Reunion Natural Marine Park, the OFB has put in human, financial and technical resources. 

In Martinique, the institution is represented by the two services, the Martinique Marine Nature Park and AGOA

It is within the framework of the first call for projects, Biodiv'Eco, which aims to promote projects for the economic development of biodiversity, that our project Voile Nature was selected, the only one selected in Martinique, among the 14 winners of this session. 

The Martinique Tourism Committee

A sort of super tourism office for Martinique, the Comité Martiniquais du Tourisme works to promote Martinique as a destination. Within this framework, they have set themselves the task of accompanying businesses in the field by giving an increasingly important place to sustainable initiatives.  

Their website is a good resource if you are looking for information about Martinique, and they produce some great videos. In particular, you can immerse yourself in a 360° immersive tour of the island's iconic spots. Discover the Saline beach in 360 degrees. To find all the immersive tours it's here.

We also advise you to take a look at their Instagram page. Breathtaking pictures will make you want to visit us on our beautiful island.

If you are used to going to tourism fairs, you have surely tasted the accras offered by the CMT, as they proudly represent the colours of the island, emphasising the awakening of the senses. 

It is on the communication aspect that the Comité Martiniquais du Tourisme financially supports our Voile Nature project. 

Article written by : Jessica CHEKROUN

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