A day of ecotourism aboard a comfortable sailboat that allows nature lovers to discover these exceptional sites in small groups: white bottoms, coral reefs, iguana islet...

The reception

From 8:30 am: You will be welcomed by Délice near the Dénébola caravan, on the beach of Pointe Fort in Le Robert. After a reminder on eco-gestures and a presentation of the programme, your captain will come to pick you up with a dinghy equipped with an electric motor to board the sailing boat.

The morning

9am: The mainsail is hoisted to sail to the rhythm of the wind. You are at the helm under the watchful eye of your skipper. Ready to tack? The boat leans a little, but that's normal on a monohull.

10:30 am: The approach of the islet Madame reveals an extraordinary range of turquoise colours due to the presence of a coral reef which shelters the sea grass beds and the white bottoms. Swimmers will enjoy swimming to the islet, while others can be dropped off by the captain on the pontoon.


Lunch in a friendly atmosphere, with your feet in the sand, in the shade, on the tables set up on the îlet Madame or on the boat at anchor. It's time to enjoy a homemade planteur, a ti-punch or a coconut punch...

You can bring your own picnic or order the lunch and drinks package.

The all-inclusive formula: 100% local with products from the AN GRIYAV 'LA farm: vegetarian accras, crudités, country vegetable gratin, rice and a russet chicken marinated in old rum and for dessert, fruit from the garden.

In the afternoon

2pm: The Chancel islet where endemic iguanas of the Lesser Antilles reside and where the ruins of an old pottery and an 18th century lime kiln can be discovered.

Chancel Island has a very particular vegetation which seems to whisper to us the history of Martinique at the time of the sugar industry.

After the walk, we enjoy a last bath in the emerald green water.

16:00: Snack and quiet return pushed by the wind.

16h30 : Arrival at Pointe Fort.



Over 12 years old

70 €

12 years and under

50 €


Lunch and adult beverages

If you don't bring your own picnic, Dénébola offers a 100% local menu: vegetarian acras and raw vegetables. The hot dish: country vegetable gratin, rice and browned chicken marinated in old rum. Drinks: homemade juice, homemade planteur, ti-punch, coconut punch or coffee, beers, still and sparkling water. For dessert: fruit from the garden. Snack: vanilla or cinnamon shortbread.

30 € Par Pers.
Lunch and drinks for children

20 € per person

Hire the 'snorkelling kit' for safe exploration. (Long sleeve lycra, mask, snorkel and fins, signalling float, fish presentation plates)

10 € per person
Stand-Up Paddle Tour

Hire a stand up paddle and discover the new sensation of standing on the water. It's an activity accessible to anyone who can swim, it just requires a bit of balance.

10 € Package


  • The day on the sailing boat
  • The professional skipper
  • Clement's white and aged rums available
  • Fresh water
  • Le Chatrou (explanatory sheets on 80 species of the Martinique marine environment)

Booking conditions

Booking conditions :

  • Reservation on our website:

By clicking on the BOOK button: you can make your reservation online on our website.

You will have access to our calendar with our availability to choose your date.

It is best to choose a date when there are other people registered, as the days are only guaranteed if we have a minimum of 5 adults registered.

When you book online you will be asked to pay the full amount of the order.

NB: if the minimum number of participants is not reached we will contact you again to propose a new date.

  • Reservation by e-mail or telephone:

By clicking on the CONTACT US button or by phone on +596 696 170 700 (WhatsApp) you can consult us and I will send you a booking proposal.

In this case you will have the choice for the payment:

  • Or pay in full with a payment link received by email (recommended to save time on the morning of the excursion)
  • Or pay a minimum deposit of 50€ and pay the balance on the spot on the morning of the excursion. (Recommended if you wish to pay with holiday vouchers, cash, bank cheque...)

Cancellation policy :

Please know that we will always do our best to find a solution.

However, if the cancellation is your fault, here are our cancellation conditions: 48h before: 100% refund. After this period, the deposit will be due.

In the high season, i.e. from December to April, it is strongly recommended to book your sea trip at least 10 days in advance to be sure to have availability. As the sailing trips are small, the yacht fills up quickly.

If you need a mask, snorkel or a pair of fins to supplement your equipment, we have some on board to lend you. If you don't have any equipment at all, you can rent the "snorkelling kit".

Yes, the sailing boat Dénébola is equipped with an awning which allows you to shelter from the sun and rain. Moreover, the breaks on the islands are very shaded thanks to the vegetation. It is advisable to come with sun protection equipment: cap, sunglasses, sun cream (preferably eco-friendly) and a protective T-shirt such as lycra.

The cabin allows you to put your bags in a place protected from the sea spray and you will find a toilet.

Babies are welcome on the Dénébola boat. Babies under 2 years of age are free of charge. We have baby jackets that are to be worn while sailing. Remember to take the necessary equipment for swimming: buoys, life jackets and also clothes to protect yourself from the sun.

Yes, you can come with all the necessary equipment for your baby's comfort. There is plenty of room in the cabin to store your things.

The ideal way to take a nap on the islet or on the boat is to bring large towels that can be used to make a small extra bed.

We do not have any baby food to heat up on board the Denebola. Please try to provide a meal that can be eaten at room temperature.

We regularly have young children on board the Denebola. The day is adapted for the little ones because we have a sun awning on board the boat which allows us to have some shade. Sailing times do not exceed 1H30 and the breaks on the ilets are long to have time to enjoy the beach and swimming. The vegetation on the ilets provides shade to limit exposure to the sun.

It is very rare to have to cancel a day because of the weather. In Martinique there is often a squall that passes and then the sun returns. A slightly cloudy day can also be nice to have less heat and less sun. Don't worry if it rains in the morning, the sun is never far away especially on the ilets of Robert where there is no relief.

If the weather does not permit the activity we will inform you by e-mail and telephone. In this case we will propose another date. If this is not possible we will refund the full deposit.

Not a sailor by nature? It is not essential to spend a nice day on the Dénébola boat. Indeed, the sailing is done inside the bay of Robert which is sheltered from the swell of the open sea by the coral barrier. The yacht offers you enough comfort to be comfortable while sailing. Your captain is a professional who will reassure you in case of apprehension.

In addition, the design of this monocoque allows you to feel perfectly safe. Its hoops provide reassuring protection and you can stand upright in complete peace of mind.

We regularly have people who do not swim on the Dénébola boat. This is not essential for a good day out. However, remember to tell your captain when you come on board.

Thus, we will be able to propose to you to equip you with a waistcoat to be carried in navigation. For the bathing you will be able to be deposited on the ilets in the dinghy and to benefit from the bathing in the white funds at the beginning of the beach where you have foot

Never sailed before? You've come to the right place! Our sea trips are very suitable for those who are new to sailing. Indeed, the boat offers an appreciable comfort to novices who will be well installed in the sofa seats. The sailing area is well sheltered from the swell of the open sea and you sail inside the bay of Robert which is protected by the coral reef. Your captain is an experienced professional who will give you the confidence to enjoy the sailing experience.

Yes, older people are welcome. We will assist them with embarkation and disembarkation.

Denebola is a star (in the sky) which is part of the constellation Leo. It is the tail of the Lion. I chose this name for my company because we sailors always have our heads in the stars when we sail at night.

On Denebola days there is no dolphin or whale watching.

The whales that frequent the Atlantic coast of Martinique most often pass off the coral reef. Dolphins are rarely seen on this side of Martinique.

It is very rare to observe turtles on the grass beds of the Atlantic coast of Martinique. They are much more easily seen on the Caribbean coast. Be careful to respect the approach instructions so as not to disturb them.

Our boat is not a catamaran, it is a "monohull" sailing boat.

The difference between a catamaran and a monohull is that a catamaran has two hulls whereas a monohull has only one.

The advantage of a monohull sailboat is that it can be used for all types of sailing, which is rarely the case with catamarans.

Generally catamarans offer more space than monohulls, but they often accommodate larger groups... That's why our sailing boat Denebola is really ideal for a day of discovery of sailing in small groups.

During our days at sea, we stay mostly in the area of the ilets of Robert. Indeed, the bay of Robert with its 10 ilets, its coral reefs and its white bottoms (which have nothing to envy to the very famous white bottom of the Baignoire de Joséphine) offers a wide choice for a day of discovery.

Equipped with flippers, mask and snorkel, you can set off to explore the sea bed. Your skipper will show you the route so that you don't miss anything and will show you the different species that you will observe on the plates. At first, you will discover the sea grass beds, the underwater meadows strewn with sea stars, sea cucumbers and sea urchins. Then, if you are comfortable in the water, you can reach the coral reef. The "coral patty" just off the islet, although small, is home to a rich variety of coral fish. (Demoiselles, butterfly fish, surgeons, trumpet fish, soldier fish...) and of course corals, gorgonians, sponges and anemones... You can: come with your own equipment or rent the "snorkelling kit". ATTENTION to respect the safety instructions during the snorkelling. If you leave the swimming area, it is essential to signal so that the boats approaching the ilets can see you.

Dénébola is committed to the environment!

Energy management :

We are maximising the use of renewable energy: wind to move around and solar energy for on-board electricity consumption and to recharge the electric motor of the dinghy.

Respect and discovery of the fauna and flora:

The choice of a silent navigation and reduced speed allows not to disturb the fauna and the flora. With our educational materials you can learn all about the species encountered.

Sustainable procurement and waste management :

We apply a waste management with sorting and favour the use of 100% organic cleaning products. In addition, we do not use disposable tableware.

Training and involvement of our captains:

Our captains have been trained to preserve the island's marine ecosystems. In addition, we participate in voluntary actions to take care of the planet.