Nature Sail

Discover these women and men who will amaze you along the water.

Who are we?

Voile Nature is a group of small Martinique-based companies willing to offer day trips at sea, in a calm atmosphere and in small groups. Our trips are unique in Martinique because the sailing is exclusively done under sail. Throughout the day, the captains of our boats, who are true "nature guides", pass on their knowledge and passion for biodiversity, Martinique's culture and sailing.

Each boat has its own specificities and programmes, but they all share the same values and wish to promote an eco-responsible Martinique, focused on the preservation of its environment.

Through this platform, we wish to share our daily passion, by making you discover the wonders of sailing in Martinique.

In addition to our love for sailing, Martinique is anchored in our hearts. From coast to coast, its cultural richness and diversity of landscapes thrill us, and push us to protect this land so dear to us. We wish to share this wonder with you, by proposing excursions adapted to everyone, young and old, and contribute to the happiness of the greatest number.

Our values

The ones that have been driving us for a long time and that we defend on a daily basis! 



Respect for the environment through the preservation of biodiversity
Snorkeling in Martinique


The discovery of Martinique and
a real human adventure

Passengers on the ilet chancel in Martinique


The transmission of knowledge,
of know-how and life skills

History of Voile Nature


Délice de Dénébola launches the first initiative to bring together the actors of nautical ecotourism in Martinique.


Délice convinced Madisail, Pogo Luciole and Ty Domino to join the website project.


Arrival of Lisa, a student specialising in ecotourism, to respond to the 1st call for Biodiv'Eco projects by the French Office for Biodiversity.

July 2021

Establishment of a financial partnership with the Comité Martiniquais du Tourisme to support the communication and promotion of Voile Nature.

August 2021

Voile Nature is one of the 15 finalists of the call for projects of the French Office for Biodiversity and the only project selected in Martinique.

Apr. 2022

Putting the platform online.

The first captains

Actors in the development of nautical ecotourism in Martinique.

Délice & Bastien


Polo & Jessica



Ty Domino

Our promises

Our partners are committed to respecting them during each ecobalad.

Quiet atmosphere

A soothing day with nature's music as the only background. Let yourself be lulled by the gentle lapping of the waves and the caresses of the wind.

Icon of the promise of small-scale sailing Nature

Small committee

Being in a small group makes for a more convivial atmosphere. You can take the time to exchange and share experiences.

100% under sail

Hoist the sails, steer the boat, participate in the manoeuvres. Our captains will make you feel comfortable and confident. Take advantage of this unforgettable moment to sail and dance with the wind.

Respect for nature

We propose to discover the coasts of Martinique without impacting this precious environment. Our goal: to make you aware of marine ecosystems and teach you how to observe them while respecting them.

Human experience

These excursions are more than just sea rides, they are a real human experience, sharing and exchanging common values.
If you are looking for a moment of relaxation in a good mood, you are in the right place.

Sharing knowledge

Our captains are true nature guides, who will be happy to share their knowledge with you, and to discuss your experiences! Educational sheets and explanations on eco-actions are available on board.

Our objectives

Voile Nature is also a project that aims to meet 5 objectives.


Ensuring the sustainability of water-based ecotourism actors

To create a profitable and sustainable network bringing together those involved in nautical ecotourism and sailing, and thus to enhance the value of this sector in the Martinique tourism offer.


Helping to make Martinique an ecotourism destination

Informing tourists and residents about the existence of eco-friendly sailing trips.


To publicise initiatives in the preservation of the environment

Integrate the various public actors and associations involved in the preservation of the marine environment in Martinique into the platform.


Involving public institutions in ecotourism projects

To federate in order to be better represented and heard by the public players to facilitate the creation of joint projects: setting up ecological anchorages, secure snorkelling areas, etc.


Bringing together ecotourism stakeholders towards a common goal

To set up an exchange space to facilitate mutual help and sharing of experiences between ecotourism actors.

They support us

Discover the actors who participated in the birth and development of Voile Nature.

Our latest blog posts

Come and learn more about Martinique, its assets, its riches and how to discover it responsibly.

Tombolo of Sainte Marie in Martinique

How to travel ecologically in Martinique? 

The crowded beaches of southern Martinique during the tourist season. The exploding demand for water and the waste that piles up from December to May. The harassment of dolphins during sea walks, due to a lack of knowledge of good practices. The over-frequentation of the Josephine bathtub with its hundreds of...
Logo of the Comité Martiniquais du Tourisme and the French Biodiversity Office

Our financial partners

Our two main partners have complementary missions, which link the two fields of action of Voile Nature, the preservation and enhancement of biodiversity and the development of sustainable tourism. These two public structures accompany us, support us and contribute to the financial effort necessary for the birth of Voile Nature...

The South coast of Martinique

The southern part of the island is part of the first emerging points of Martinique, more than 20 million years ago. This explains its flatter topography in its southern part. The coasts here are turned towards the sister islands which form the lower part of the Arc...

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